Design Studio

“Through design to reinterpret hospitality.” 

Informed by design hacking, theory & principles, Double Chicken Please infuses creativity to every aspect of the brand's identity including interior design, F&B design, the guest experience, collaborations and more. 

Exhibiting meticulously curated artwork by the hand of in-house creative "The Other Chicken." Double Chicken Please demonstrates its dedication and daily commitment to embracing its design studio structure within the hospitality space.

Hacking Design & Cocktails

"Hacking Design involves creatively repurposing, modifying existing products, systems or processes to address new challenges or improve upon existing ones."

By applying an unconventional approach to the traditional cocktail program, Double Chicken Please deconstructs & transforms the flavor and composition of food into cocktails, thereby reimagining and reinterpreting a menu through the lens of industrial design.

Built to Move & Stretch with You

Drawing inspiration from the classic mechanic jacket, this garment embodies the design hacking ethos, featuring multiple interior and exterior pockets for convenient storage of tools, parts, and essential items.

Crafted to provide moderate warmth and comfortable wear.