After five years and a 5,000 mile nomadic journey of cocktail pop-ups in a self-converted Volkswagen minibus, Double Chicken Please found a place to call home on New York City's Lower East Side, defying the challenges of the pandemic by opening its doors in November 2020.

With unwavering dedication and devotion, Double Chicken Please Co-founders GN Chan and Faye Chen lead the team to reinvigorate the cocktail industry with innovation and imagination. The multi-faceted Team DCP which includes Service, Kitchen, Events & Programming, Marketing & Communications and Design work to elevate hospitality, provide exceptional guest experiences, and to share our values, passions and visions with the world. 

The Concept

Double Chicken Please offers dual concepts and guest experiences in one space. The Front Room serves up an array of draft cocktails with a seasonal and classic twist in an upbeat, industrial setting. The Coop adorned mid-century modern decor and offers an extensive selection of craft cocktails inspired by the innovative approach of hacking design which deconstructs the flavors from culinary dishes and rebuilds them into cocktails.

The Other Chicken

Double Chicken Please envisions the brand as a “design studio” transcending the conventional boundaries of a typical cocktail bar. “The Other Chicken” established by Turkie Tsai and Eye Chen serves as the in-house design team. By teaming up with the duo’s professional industrial design and iF awards backgrounds, Double Chicken Please is propelled to showcase F&B industry a new realm of possibilities through the approach of art.

Chicken & Beyond

In the collaboration with Chef Mark Chou for the first and a half year following the opening of Double Chicken Please. Chef Mark, who honed his culinary skills at Le Bernardin and Eleven Madison Park, infused the restaurant with a combination of technical expertise and imaginative flair. Through the partnership, Chef Mark elevates the cocktail experience by introducing the now-famous Taiwanese-inspired fried chicken sandwiches which played a pivotal role in shaping Double Chicken Please.