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Double Fortune Series: UV Screen Print Set


The Double Fortune Series is an artist collaboration with mmm_ing studio that whimsically reimagines a US dollar bill as a DCP Double Dollar. The limited edition silkscreen print of Double Dollars in a grid is overlaid with invisible ink that reveals a $ symbol formed by two lucky wishbones when under UV light. Much like how the Double Dollar mimics the aesthetic of a typical US dollar bill, the hidden $ symbol within the work is a playful reminder that not everything is as it seems.

The Double Fortune Series: UV Screen Print Set comes with the screen-printed poster (20” w x 18.1” H) signed by the artist, UV flashlight with batteries and Certificate of Authenticity. 90 prints available.

Please note: This item is for pick up only at Double Chicken Please (115 Allen St NYC).

Artwork by @mmm_ing.official (ig) for Double Chicken Please.

All items are final sale. No returns or exchanges.

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